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Driver Assistance Systems and Connected Vehicles offer almost unlimited potential to improve our transportation system and our lives.  This has been an underlying theme to my career, developing the earliest connected vehicle applications, then the key enabling sensors, information technologies and infrastructure for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Vehicle Automation.  

My most recent company was a start-up I founded to reduce to practice some of my ideas regarding the production of probe based maps for vehicle safety. These maps can provided unprecedented levels of accuracy and support functional safety needs.

For Mercedes and TomTom I spent 16 years developing mapping technology, moving the industry from navigation maps to maps for robots and safety. I worked with many automotive sensors (radar, vision, communications, occupant sensing) determining their strengths and weaknesses for ADAS, developing methods to collect and correlate data from many vehicles and build databases to provide location specific support for safety systems (machine learning and data analytics).  I have worked with almost all automotive manufacturers and regulators on the development of testing standards for ADAS systems.    

The last 15 years have focused on getting stuff deployed.  Business models and technology assessment, often including the communications and data processing needed to make stuff work, and always leading teams through the technology forest to new fields of business.

I was an early developer of collision notification systems and off-board navigation and the instigator of vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communications.  I'm now working with automotive and insurance companies on the development of probe based mapping to support highly automated driving and risk assessment.  

I also work as a testifying expert on patent cases related to automotive sensors and systems.

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I am doing my part to make connected and automated vehicles a reality.  If I can help you, let's talk.  

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