Mapping for Automated Vehicles

posted Sep 6, 2016, 3:49 PM by Christopher Wilson
This is a bit past, but I had a great panel in June on mapping technology for automated driving.  Here is the session description:

A Heart of Grid Lines: Moving Forward With Mapping at the Core 

Real-time mapping is making huge strides in auto and is well-positioned to take the industry forward to realize the visions of the driverless car. We look at what it’s doing for the industry right now.

  • Consider the strategic implications of OEMs owning/ acquiring proprietary mapping platforms and why this is a significant battle ground between tech giants and automakers
  • Understand how mapping is best placed to synchronize and display info from multiple sources in real-time to provide ‘living’ maps that allows for autonomous vehicles, smart cities and superior supply-chains
  • Prepare for the Future. Consider the investment in sensors and 3D mapping that is required today to produce the scale, resolution and accuracy of mapping that future vehicles will rely upon
As one of the leaders in the development of probe based mapping technology, I always appreciate the chance to bring this topic to the public.