Rating Accuracy Presentation at Actuarial Society Meeting

posted Mar 30, 2015, 6:38 PM by Christopher Wilson
At the Casualty and Actuarial Society Ratemaking meeting I gave a presentation on "Improving Rating Accuracy and Segmentation for Commercial Lines Policies".  I gave this presentation along with Chris Carver from ATG and Jim Noble from Interactive Driving Systems, two people I work with and respect very much in this field.  The presentation focused on the importance of context when developing UBI systems, and how that context can be fed back into the overall operations of the company.  The VDS Kinematic Map is all about context, providing the background on what other people have done at a location.  I believe that this is a good indicator of what any individual should do, and to the extent an individual's behavior differs from the median behavior, this reflects risk.  This is one of the ideas that VDS was set up to explore and validate.

We got a pretty good reception for our talk.  I was very pleased with the audience.  I had expected a bunch of actuaries to all be wearing white shirts and dark jackets so I took mine along for the presentation.  I didn't wear it.  I would have to say that the average age and proportion of males in the group were less than most automotive conferences.  I was sorry I had to rush back to another meeting and missed the party on Wednesday night.